Food delivery on yachts

MONAFRAIS has been supplying Chefs on the French Riviera and Monaco for several years. We provide creative Chefs with the best of Italian and local gastronomic products to help them cook amazing daily specials and Italian classic dishes.

Monafrais was born from the idea several Italian producers had with the intention of exporting and delivering, to restaurants and yachts, the finest selected Italian food daily; with competence, punctuality and professionalism.

The executive staff, boast 40 years of successful experience in production and distribution, in Italy and abroad.

Our mission is to understand and especially satisfy our demanding customers, providing uncompromised food, often from artisanal origin. Monafrais stands as a culinary reference point in the paradise of the Cotê d’Azur, characterized by demanding customers, it has as its objective to deliver products of the highest quality, into the skilled hands of Chefs, who want to offer their clients, Italian, regional and authentic flavors.

The Monaco headquarters is in 15 Rue de la Turbie, complete with warehouse and show room showcasing more than 300 products.

Chefs are free to come to our headquarters (monday to friday between 8:00 am to 12:00 or take an appointment for the afternoon); they can make their purchase and we will think about the delivery!

We provide free delivery between Cannes and Imperia;

Commercial yachts are entitled to not VAT charge, please forward requested docs (charter agreement, crew list and ship certificates) at time of order to:

Private yachts will be charged 5.5% VAT on top of total.

Possibility to pay with credit cards, cash or bank transfer after delivery

In collaboration with Les Chais Monégasques, MONAFRAIS delivers the finest Italian and world wines straight to your yacht.

Yacht Food Order

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